“Unity in Diversity” is an adage that holds well for a business organization scenario as well. A diverse approach in thought processes can lead to effective solutions in organizations and corresponding scalable rise in insights for the company.  It also helps to increase lateral thinking on the part of managers rather than unanimous group thinking toeing the line of expert opinions.  It is the responsibility of the Human Resource department of any company to ensure a balance by widening diversity in employee ratio. Appointing employees coming from diverse backgrounds and recruiting or hiring managers who are capable of thinking and handling issues on a broader perspective keeping in mind the diversity factor helps in creating a harmonious working environment. Actually doing this can prove to be beneficial for a company or organization because it allows for  different viewpoints related to business ideas and practices from managers be brought to the open. Keeping this HR concept of diversity in mind is therefore vital while hiring managers, so that a thriving business operation gets set in the long run.

The Onus Lies on HR Concept towards Recruitment

Generally during a recruitment drive for managers or other employees, it is the responsibility of the HR division to screen prospective candidates, conduct interviews and finally makes a selection of a few for appointment. As a policy, companies are known to follow the ‘equal employment opportunity for all’ slogan. Having no bias whatsoever with regards to caste, creed, religion etc. it helps in bringing in people with disabilities, individuals from minority sectors, women, new immigrants, LGBT, HIV+ etc. on to one platform.

When the managerial workforce is a balanced mix of diverse individuals, the company is bound to get exposure to different inputs, ideas, assorted programs brought together by both the HR division and the managers from varying departments and backgrounds. Since their ideologies clashes are inevitable, but when differences are thrashed out and issues resolved, company decisions taken by such diverse managers ensure profitability for the overall business.

Fair and Just Approach Based on Varying Set of Skills

When looking to hire managers with a view to manage diverse workforce, the following measures work effectively.

  • Every individual is different and comes with a special set of skills. Do not expect the level of knowledge, skills and alertness to be equivalent among all managers to be hired. Hence interviewing processes should match according to candidate’s caliber and expertise. Delegation of jobs and tasks become easier once the knowledge and skills of workforce are known.
  • Do not hold a gender bias. A lady manager can be as good or bad as her male counterpart. While interviewing women for managerial posts it is best to remain fair and just. Prejudice should never be allowed to creep in.One must note that women workforce are entitled to certain maternal benefits and other special leave, so questioning or harboring doubts about their productivity on account of this should never be entertained.
  • Do not show prejudices towards minorities or ethnicity. Each individual is special and valuing their inputs without comparison helps in greater efficiency and dedication for the job.

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