A healthy employee, is a happy employee; and a happy employee is a productive one!  That’s why more and more companies are providing health and fitness support in the workplace; with 70% of US employers offering employee-sponsored health and wellness programs in 2015, compared to just 58% in 2008.

If your employees’ jobs involve them spending long hours sat behind a desk, then it could begin to wreak havoc with their health if they don’t dedicate some time for exercise and maintain healthy eating habits. There’s more to exercise than just physical fitness and research has found that it can also have an impact on concentration, so it could affect your staff’s work performance significantly.

So why does health and fitness matter for your employees? Highfive have put together this infographic looking at the benefits of regular exercise and the impact it can have on the workforce.

Why does fitness matter?

  • Regular exercise can improve concentration and focus.
  • Staying fit helps to develop a sharper memory.
  • It can make you a faster learner.
  • Exercise can boost creativity – a short walk outside can improve creativity by 60%.
  • A healthy body can result in prolonged mental stamina.

The ROI of health and wellness programs:

  • 64% of organisations invest in wellness programs for the value of the investment.
  • According to a RAND corporation study, every $1 invested in wellness yields a $1.50 ROI.

What are businesses hoping to achieve with wellness programs?

  • 90% want to improve the health and wellbeing of employees.
  • 51% want to enhance workforce productivity.
  • 48% want to reduce absenteeism.
  • 40% want to improve teamwork and morale.

What are the healthiest companies in the US?

  • Limeade – They have bike/ treadmill desks, a full on-site gym, fitness challenges and more!
  • Kaiser Permanente –  The company has a ‘Go KP’ program that lets employees track their fitness, earn rewards and support one another.
  • Mindbody – Employees get a monthly wellness fund , 24/7 health resources, free on-site fitness classes and more!

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