Technology is certainly that one component of our environment that keeps everyone on their toes, be it the people or organizations and business environment is certainly no exception. Last one decade saw the rise and rise of the use of various technologically charged software and programs that literally revolutionized the way business enterprises worked and the most path-breaking of these technologies was cloud based technology. Over the past few years, cloud technology has transformed the way Human Resource department worked in an organization more than anything else. This technology along with other allied programs has transformed the laid back transaction based activity of managing human resource into a much more strategically planned activity.

A number of cloud and other technology trends are making waves in the recent times and are bound to transform Human Resource function to further extent. A few of these path-breaking trends and their relevance for the HR department is listed below for a quick reference:

Differentiated HR services

HR Delivery services play a crucial role in managing, updating and appraising employees in an organization and there is all likelihood that every segment of employees would require different services from the HR department. This is the reason why one can spot the advent of various platforms such as Salesforce1 and Service Cloud that are programmed to help the organization come up with unique delivery models for various segments of employees.

Cloud-based solutions

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of applications and programs designed for accomplishing HR tasks but the recent business trends point out that most of the HR departments prefer cloud based technology and solutions over other programs and software. The reason behind this preference is simple to understand, cloud based solutions require least dependency on IT personals and are automatically updated, thereby un-complicating the tasks for HR department.

Ideal HR delivery method

Most of the companies have come up with an ideal HR delivery method that involves leveraging through the task of outsourcing few functions of HR department to specialized agencies equipped to handle such tasks. The basic idea here is to outsource IT based tasks which the HR department of the organization fails to specialize, in order to empower HR to resolve employee issues faster and boost employment engagement and morale to unprecedented levels.

Social Media and Mobile Revolution

This one is perhaps the most obvious and evident trend that has been making waves in the HR world in the recent times. It has been observed that employees are more likely to stay engaged and motivated in a job in case they can access information related to themselves through various channels such as social and mobile media. The social and mobile services have led to the upcoming of several unique program solutions such as self-services which prove to be extremely interactive and quicker in terms of serving employees in an organization in the present times. Mobile based self-service solutions and applications prove to be cost-effective for all kinds of organizations and business enterprises.

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