Every organization, irrespective of size, requires a proper leave management system to be put in place. It is necessary for a variety of reasons and ultimately contributes to increased productivity and efficiency. Leave management systems have been handled manually since long- it is not just cumbersome but also leads to a lot of inaccuracies and errors. However, today online leave management systems have come to our rescue.

Online leave management systems are becoming increasingly popular and if implemented properly, can do wonders for any company or organization.

The following points will give a lucid idea about how a leave management system can be of tremendous help in every organization-

  1. Efficiency– An online system is definitely more efficient and accurate and companies can do away with tedious paperwork and record keeping.
  2. Access to past records– Both the employee and manager can keep track past records. The employer will be able to check the employer’s leave history, leave trend, leave balance and the number of leave he or she is eligible to apply for, which will guide him or her to make better decisions when it comes to approving leave applications.
  3. Employee awareness– Not just the employer, but the employee will also have access to his leave history, which will help them be aware of the number of leave that is allowed.
  4. Clarity of policy– Every organization has a different leave policy. Adherence to the leave policy will be ensured, as the leave management software will help employees check the instructions and criteria under the company’s leave policy, every time they apply for a leave.
  5. Transparency– Every leave application can now be accepted or rejected by a fair imposition of rules and regulations pertaining to the company’s leave policies. For example, if an employee has already crossed the maximum number of leave and has sent in another application, the employer can easily reject his application by showing him or her his past leave records without having to scrounge through hundreds of applications in paper. This method ensures a lot of convenience and transparency.
  6. Complexity made easy– Many companies have complex leave policies, especially the ones which operate in different countries and hence using an online leave management system will help customize leave policies as per the requirements.
  7. Productivity– With online leave applications, the employers will have complete knowledge of how many workers are available in a particular department during a particular period of time, that is, employee availability. This will help in eradicating the practice of uninformed leaves, and make sure that no department, at any point of time is understaffed.
  8. Forges responsibility among employees– As employees have access to the leave policy, leave balance, leave history and the company calendar, they can plan their leave accordingly.


Having an efficient leave management system will help companies do away with old management practices and benefit them in various ways as mentioned above.

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