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All employees in an organization are not equal and cannot be expected to be wonderful performers. For various reasons, even the great performers become slack at times. However, low employee productivity does not augur well for businesses. Now, the question is what managers can do about it. It is not possible to take a one-solution-for-all approach when dealing with poor performers because people are different and...

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According to HR experts, salary or pay is not the top criterion that predicts workplace satisfaction. It is the company culture. The values of an organization, leadership quality of senior emloyees, and career opportunities within the company, in that order, also impact workplace satisfaction. In fact, there has been a tremendous increase in the significance of culture over the past few years as by a...

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Role of Human Resources in developing an Organization’s culture

Culture never fails to leave its impact on businesses and has always held its space during any important business propositions. Companies who have brought about positive changes in their work culture have hugely benefited by these practices. In the last decade, almost every organization has undergone a change in its business culture and has gone through a tremendous transformation. That is because everyone believed the fact that...

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