A strong, smart and healthy organization is the one where the employees feel valued and have a clarity regarding their actions, roles and responsibilities. Building a team through people centric leadership simply means that the leader should value its team members and make them realize their contribution in taking the organization at the level where it stands today. A team which is build through people at its center can bring both achievement and fulfillment to the organization because it:

  1. Encourages Growth of Team Members: The team which is build with people as its most significant part injects a sense of motivation among the team members. This also builds a desirable work environment for the employees and makes them more invigorated.
  2. Improves Productivity: The organization is an artificial person which actually exists only in the eyes of law. But the truth behind the veil is that it is the humans who are driving the car of the organization. It is their effort and capability which takes up the organization at the desired level. Where employees are motivated to work the productivity shall certainly progress.
  3. Enhances innovation ability: The innovation ability is increased only if the earlier innovations by the employee have been implemented in whole or few aspects. This encourages the human minds to perform better the next time. The leader should confront the team member effectively and let him know that where his contribution is lacking and how he can improve it as a team member and not as an individual.
  4. Positive response towards changes: generally the workforce is resistant towards implementations of new updates and changes in the organization. It is because they are supposed to come out of their comfort zone and start something new which they have never done before. This thought process attracts them towards declining the management’s proposal of change. But a team which is people centric is built on a mindset that only we are the wheels who are driving the car of this organization and if something is required to increase the pace then that should be adopted with positivity. A people centric team can never resist to changes.

How can a leader build people centric team?

The secret behind building such a powerful workforce is to bring out the best in people through-

  • communicating their achievements and contributions
  • posing trust in them
  • Respecting them for their loyalty
  • Praising them for their hard work and effort
  • Group celebration
  • Injecting the spirit of continuous improvement
  • Giving and making them understand the value of responsible freedom.

With the help of seeds and water of leadership you can grow the plant of targets and harvest the objectives through the axe of talent, skill and capability of your team members. Never forget that employer pays only for the hands of the employee but the employee gives his head and heart for free because the motivation acts as a consideration for the heart and head.

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