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Every company rates its employees whether they admit it or not. When a company pays some employees more than others it is rating them. If one employee gets a job assignment or promotion that others wanted but did not get, then these employees have been rated. Manager ratings of performance can be valuable Eliminating manager ratings makes sense for some companies. But companies don’t have to remove manager...

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Well-intentioned efforts to promote HR analytics can backfire. A common mistake is for HR to collect metrics and then, without further analysis, show the numbers to line management. To predict what happens next put yourselves in the manager’s shoes. This is data they didn’t ask for, don’t know how to interpret, and seems more likely to create work than to help them hit their targets. Managers will ignore the metrics...

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Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made headlines for announcing his decision to take 2 months off following the birth of his daughter. If a new study is anything to go by, this decision of his could impact new fathers and paternity leave policies all around world. Research conducted by Gordon B. Dahl, Katrine V. Loken, and Magne Mogstad, as published in the American Economic Review found that if a...

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