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Help Your Employees During The Current Demonetization Drive

Since 8th November 2016, we have all grappled with the side effects of the demonetization drive. Arguably, the crisis has spared no one but from all the news and social media reports, it seems as if the groups who typically rely on cash (lower income brackets, elderly & the less tech savvy) are impacted by this transition phase the most. Serpentine queues at banks & ATMs...

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time management software

Multicultural workforce involves men and women from diversified ethnic backgrounds from various parts of the globe. Multicultural workforce helps the employees to get great exposure regarding different customs and traditions which promote mutual respect. This environment allows employees to learn from other employees customs & traditions. Meeting people from diversified backgrounds helps us understand and navigate today's connected the world with ease. Promoting oneness among...

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Measure your result with your performance appraisal software

Now it is easy to measure your performance and evaluate yourself & your team using performance management software. This tool helps you quantify performance across the board. It allows you to acknowledge the contributions of your best performers who meet or exceed their goals and reward them accordingly thereby showing their value to the team, department, and organization. This simple effective performance recognition system encourages...

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Performance Management - the delegate of your company's success

Performance management has a huge ability to transform the organization by increasing the productivity of the firm and can promote  healthy competition among the members. Contributions and potential of the individual employees will be recognized and valued by upper management. Performance appraisals can create an ambitious atmosphere which will help an employee perform to the best of their ability in turn creating growth within the...

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hr management software demo

In the present day scenario, many corporates are seen to go for the outsourcing of their Payroll functions and adopting HR automation. Day by day, the HR functions are becoming more complex and time-taking. It makes no sense to recruit larger numbers of employees in your HR department to handle mundane activities like Creation of letters Handling simple employee queries Manually capturing & approving Income...

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How to upgrade your HR skills to align with your organizational goals?

Every organization has certain business goals. As a commercial organization’s prime target is to earn revenue through its operations, all the activities need to be planned in a strategic manner. For achieving the business objectives of the company, a company-wide target is framed. This target is a broad-based target which if it has to be achieved; numerous tasks have to be done in an orchestrated...

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business management consultant

What is most required at the workplace? You might say it would be to keep the costs minimized and increase the productivity of the employees. If the efficiency in routine work can be boosted, the total revenue potential of can organization can increase tremendously. This can be brought about only by bringing down repetitive work. Employees should be made to put their attention in more value-added...

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Smart Talent Acquisition ideas For Hiring Smart Brains

Recruitment of prized talent has always remained a challenge. In the current age of digital technology, you need to undertake certain smart methods. Here are a few of them that can come of great help to you.   ●     Incorporate video in the recruitment procedure: You may not find the desired levels of talent locally. You have to recruit someone who may be based at a distant...

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The Employee's State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has announced that the monthly wage threshold from Rs 15,000 to Rs 21,000 for the coverage under its health insurance scheme by the Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya, Chairman of ESIC board. The ESIC board has also decided to give an option to the existing insured persons to continue the membership though their wage breaches the ceiling of Rs 21,000 per month....

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