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How to upgrade your HR skills to align with your organizational goals?

Every organization has certain business goals. As a commercial organization’s prime target is to earn revenue through its operations, all the activities need to be planned in a strategic manner. For achieving the business objectives of the company, a company-wide target is framed. This target is a broad-based target which if it has to be achieved; numerous tasks have to be done in an orchestrated...

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How process automation has helped in making the organization more competitive?

What is most required at the workplace? You might say it would be to keep the costs minimized and increase the productivity of the employees. If the efficiency in routine work can be boosted, the total revenue potential of can organization can increase tremendously. This can be brought about only by bringing down repetitive work. Employees should be made to put their attention in more value-added...

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Smart Talent Acquisition ideas For Hiring Smart Brains

Recruitment of prized talent has always remained a challenge. In the current age of digital technology, you need to undertake certain smart methods. Here are a few of them that can come of great help to you.   ●     Incorporate video in the recruitment procedure: You may not find the desired levels of talent locally. You have to recruit someone who may be based at a distant...

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The Employee's State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has announced that the monthly wage threshold from Rs 15,000 to Rs 21,000 for the coverage under its health insurance scheme by the Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya, Chairman of ESIC board. The ESIC board has also decided to give an option to the existing insured persons to continue the membership though their wage breaches the ceiling of Rs 21,000 per month....

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Role of Human Resources in developing an Organization’s culture

Culture never fails to leave its impact on businesses and has always held its space during any important business propositions. Companies who have brought about positive changes in their work culture have hugely benefited by these practices. In the last decade, almost every organization has undergone a change in its business culture and has gone through a tremendous transformation. That is because everyone believed the fact that...

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