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Smart Talent Acquisition ideas For Hiring Smart Brains

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Smart Talent Acquisition ideas For Hiring Smart Brains

Smart Talent Acquisition ideas For Hiring Smart Brains

Recruitment of prized talent has always remained a challenge. In the current age of digital technology, you need to undertake certain smart methods. Here are a few of them that can come of great help to you.


●     Incorporate video in the recruitment procedure: You may not find the desired levels of talent locally. You have to recruit someone who may be based at a distant location. Using the conventional methods, you can always ask the candidate to come over to your place. But, this might pose problematic both to the candidate as well as you and there is also a cost associated with it. With the advent of great video calling tools, these problems are done away with a remote interview.


●     Your employees are your brand ambassadors: The image that your employees carry about your organization can be a talent puller. They are the best possible brand ambassadors that you can have. You need to keep your employees happy and motivated. They will spread a positive image of your company to the outer world.


●     Use the potential of social media: You can source some of the best talents from social media. Most professionals are active on the social media. Try engaging with them. They can act as a talent pool for you whenever there is a requirement of a vacancy that has to be filled.


●     Company Culture should be promoted: Your company culture needs to be highlighted to potential candidates. The practices in the company, the activities that are conducted can all be an attraction for prospective talent. Innovating ideas and best practices create a positive impression about the company. The employee care and welfare facilities are also essential items to be projected. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities need to be showcased which promotes the company as a good corporate citizen.


●     Try sourcing the ‘not so active’ job seekers: There is a big group of talents who are not active in job seeking. If you can tap this potential group, you can get some real smart talent. You can interact a lot with people in the social media sites and identify people who have relevant expertise in their professional fields. Try to approach them at an opportune moment to get them on board.


●     Incorporate rehiring practices: Resignations from an organization for joining a new job is now a common practice. There may have been high performers who have left your organization to join elsewhere. During an exit interview, you need to understand what made them want to move jobs. When an opening is available and you are in a position to handle their reason for moving you can invite them. They can be a better contributor compared to a new face in the organization as they are already aware of the company processes and culture.


And, If you still are not satisfied with the recruitment going on with your organization, we have a suggestion for you, there are advanced recruiting tools which help you keep track of your positions, candidates, interviews etc. We personally recommend 247HRM ATS.

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