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Low Cost Ideas For Employee Appreciation

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Low Cost Ideas For Employee Appreciation

The soul of any business consists of the employees. While motivated employees pass on their goodwill and enthusiasm to the customers, disgruntled employees can suck the life out of the processes they perform. In this article we are going to discuss a few ideas of employee recognition which are not going to break your bank but which will keep your employee engaged and motivated at the same time.

  1. You can show a little gratitude to your employees by throwing a little cake or pizza party to honour them.
  2. You can make a sudden visit along with the CEO or other high executives and thank the employee in person.
  3. A surprise achievement celebration for your employee can help in boosting the morale of your employee. An ice cream sundae party in the accompaniment of good music is apt ways of letting your employee know that his hard work didn’t go unnoticed.
  4. Posting a ‘Thank You’ sign with the name of the employee in the lobby or cafeteria can be a good idea.
  5. You can always invite your employee for a one to one dinner or lunch and express your gratitude for his hard work.
  6. Another cool idea of employee recognition is to buy them small gifts like Starbucks gift vouchers, tickets to movies or amusement parks or just a bouquet or a book.
  7. You can create a ‘Hall of fame’ in the lobby and put up the name of the employee along with his picture and a few words of recognition.
  8. Unexpected on the spot awards can be awarded to an employee for a job well done or for putting in a lot of effort on a project. These on the spot awards can be a certificate, a coffee mug, gift cards or even just a thank you note.
  9. Employees can be publicly recognized through mentions in the newsletters and through social media announcements, presentations and bulletin boards.
  10. Appreciation events like picnics, outings, luncheons etc. are a cool way of celebrating the success of the employees. Moreover you can reward your top performers by arranging for an exclusive event with the CEO or other high executives.
  11. In the event of an extraordinary achievement by an employee, you can choose to present him with customised awards like watches with the logo of your company, lapel pins featuring the logo, award rings etc.
  12. You can also buy a dozen of cupcakes and announce the department that they should get them from the office of the honouree. This way all the employees of the departments would stop by at his office and congratulate him.
  13. A hardworking employee can be rewarded by having your entire department honour them with a standing ovation on the next meeting.
  14. A weekly ‘best achievement email’ can be sent out to the entire team where the hard work of a dedicated employee would be acknowledged.
  15. Lastly you can surely spend a few bucks to buy a desk award for your employee of the month by presenting him with wooden plaque or crystal awards with his name engraved.
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