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Bring Employee Engagement Back With Efficient HR Software

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Bring Employee Engagement Back With Efficient HR Software

Employee engagement demonstrates the energy and dedication of the employees and is a crucial indicator of their participation and commitment to your organization. In this article we are going to present you with a list of HR software which is capable of boosting employee engagement.

  1. Compensation Management Software: While many people think that most employees won’t be spending more energy because of the total compensation, the fact remains that financial incentives have a great role to play in employee engagement. For instance the Pay for Performance or the P4P model works well in a manufacturing environment. Apart from that the position of sales tends to function more efficiently on the basis on commissions based on incentive. Moreover a Compensation Management Software needs to be handled correctly or else it would lead to expectation instead of motivation. The Compensation management software would help you with employee engagement in the following ways:
  2. It would provide you with a platform by which P4P is planned, measured and delivered.
  3. It would give you a structure which helps in creating incentive plans.
  4. It would provide the efficiency required to deliver the incentives at the right person at the right time.
  5. Labour Management Systems: One of the best ways to create work/life balance is the LMS software which would provide a way for your employees to choose their shift preferences and the software would couple it with worker availability. Goes without saying that a better adherence to schedule preferences would result in much lesser absences, enhanced utilization of workforce capacity and alleviate unnecessary failure of customer service.
  6. Employee Self Service: It is true that nobody would like to go through the payroll dept. Or HR so as to access his own information. This is precisely where the Employee Self Service software comes to play. ESS would not only provide the employees direct access to information but also create a driving force for employee engagement. The fact that employees are given access to their own information helps in strengthening the engagement in 2 ways – firstly the employees get to know that they are being trusted. Secondly the employees are authorized with a convenience level which is generally reserved for the clients. Though the ESS is currently being used by only 52% of companies, surely we can expect further growth in its use.
  7. Manager Self Service Software: It is widely accepted that one of the biggest influence on engagement of employees is the immediate supervisor or the manager. There is a common saying that ‘workers don’t leave jobs, they leave their bosses’. It is the managers who create an efficient and engaged workforce. In order to create this workforce, Manager Self Service software of MSS software is of vital importance. The MSS software tool would provide the managers with information which would otherwise have taken days to collect. Timely access to all these info on part of the manager can provide workers incentives at the right time; empower the workers to participate in the growth opportunity whenever it arises and encourage them to list out the schedule preferences.
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