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Are You Really Ready to Hire an Employee?

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Are You Really Ready to Hire an Employee?

Hiring the first employee for any small time entrepreneur can be a strenuous process since it requires the employer to follow all the rules and regulations which is now applicable to him. The employer is needed to carry out a number of obligations starting from government registrations to tax forms to insurance necessities and much more. We are presenting you with comprehensive list which every entrepreneur needs to go through before hiring their first employee.

  • No matter if your new recruit will just be filing reports or configure computer networks it is important that you run a few background checks. Remember that more than 40% of your applicants will be filling up their resume with inflated facts and criminals and emotionally unstable minds always hide behind all job titles. With identity theft, corporate scandals and terror attacks on the rise, one should be very cautious with hiring. Goes without saying that trusting your instinct as a basis of hiring is a very bad idea. A sound background check should consist of confirmation of prior work experience, checking of criminal records, drug tests, driving record, credit history and also an identity check. Always try to obtain the original credentials of education instead of relying on copies.
  • Prior to make a job offer you should ask your candidate for a minimum of 3 references. Two of them needs to be professional reference and one should be personal which would endorse the character of your future employee. However don’t just stop here. Give a call to those references and find out more about the candidate. Keep your questions limited to the job performance of the candidate and verify the information provided on the resume. For personal reference inquire about the applicant’s character, work ethics etc.
  • Now let’s get to the most important part which is setting a salary and choosing the employee’s classification. Depending on your finances and hiring needs you can determine your employee’s status as either part time or full time. Moreover for tax purposes you need to categorize your staff as common law employee, independent contractor, statutory employee or statutory non employee.
  • Before your new employee starts his work you need to fill up the details on the following 12 records:
  1. Name of your employee and his social security number.
  2. Address and zip code
  3. Date of birth
  4. Sex and Occupation
  5. The exact time and day when the workweek of the employee commences along with total hours worked
  6. Basis on which his salary is paid (daily, weekly, monthly etc)
  7. The hourly pay rate
  8. Weekly or daily earning for each week
  9. Total overtime earning in a week
  10. Additions and deductions from the employee’s wage
  11. Total wages paid for each pay period
  12. The exact date of payment along with the period covered by each payment.
  • Other than that you need to make a list of taxes which you need to shell out.
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