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Human Resources: What Drives an Organization

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Human Resources: What Drives an Organization

In the corporate world the presence and contribution of humans cannot be denied. Their value is felt but it cannot be evaluated in monetary terms. Human resource only drives the organization. It is the human capability and thinking only that first decides the objectives and then leaves no stone unturned in fulfilling those objectives. This shows that from planting a tree to eating its fruits the whole of the effort is dedicated and credited to humans. Here is a look at some of the factors that reflects how human resource drives an organization.

  1. Innovators: Neither the Research and Development budget of the organization nor the technology guarantees success to the organization. The brain behind these technologies is who brings success. The humans do not only plan but also act on the certain idea. They build a mechanism which can have high claims on the market and industry.
  2. Manly connection: It is the human who can better understand what other human wants. Therefore they are said to possess a manly connection with the population out. They have a vision which gives birth to idea which acts as an inspiring force for the reality.
  3. Managing the human workforce: the Human resource department in the organization is given a task of managing the workforce of entire organization. They look for a new talent and also retrench the undesired burdens on the company. They plan various incentives and commission schemes to keep the employee motivated and stable in the organization and thus decreasing the labor turnover.
  4. Increase the intrinsic value: Human resource has a capability to increase the intrinsic value of the organization. Intrinsic refers to the hidden worth of organization that is reflected by its strong and competent workforce. The talent and capability of the workforce act as an inspiration for the organization to move ahead and take up the riskier ventures.
  5. Ethical and empowered Culture: the human resource helps in creating the general work environments and fosters the specific culture to make the culture of the organization as ethical and empowered. This culture creates an instilling force within the persons and makes them more adaptive to the challenges. The jobs are not narrowly defined to the primary objectives and human resource plays a vital role in making the secondary objectives as primary which can help the people in making appropriate and effective decisions.
  6. Mission and mandate: The goals and objectives are framed with a deep intention to make them possible and this is possible only if the behavior of the workforce is standardized. Human resource puts all its effort in designing mechanisms through which cost can be minimized and risk can be mitigated. This is fulfilled if the focus is both on HR as well as the goals. When achieving the goals will become mandatory then who dares not to follow the rules!

This is how Human resource has a commendable role in driving the organization. If the organization is car then human resource is its wheels, engine, steering wheel and gears etc which can make it drive to the destination.

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